Young people standing up for our future at KXL Dissent

What: KXL Dissent: Student Organized Action in Washington DC
When: March 1-2
Where: The White House
Why: There is an urgency for action to stop climate change, and students around the country are organizing to tell Obama to take a stand on climate justice. The infrastructure we’re building right now, like the KXL pipeline, is determining the fate of our planet. We refuse to sit back idly while our elected representatives lock us into a dismal future, so we’re locking ourselves to the White House to send a symbolic message to Obama and the nation. There are will be students from well over 75 schools across the country. From BC, we have 11 confirmed! From other schools there are 800+ students attending and 300+ planning to risk arrest, and we expect those numbers to continue to rise.  Being a part of this event is monumental. It’s the kind of thing that when folks ask what you did stop the incredible injustice that is the climate crisis, you’ll say, “I went down to DC and locked myself to the White House!”

How: Sign up for the action here. And the buses from Boston here. We will be leaving on Friday, 2/28 at 11PM for the overnight ride to DC. We will be returning after the action on Sunday, 3/2 for the overnight trip back home, and will arrive at dusk on Monday morning.

For those who can’t make it: If you would like to help get more people to DC, go here, where you can donate to the buses from Boston. To support the action in general, go here. To contribute directly to BCFF, you’ll have to give cash to a BCFF person or you can make a check payable to bobby wengronowitz, who will make sure the BC crew puts it to good use. We already have 11 BC folks signed up!  You can mail to:

BCFF HQ, c/o bobby wengronowitz

410A McGuinn Hall
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


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