BC students march against new natural gas plant in Salem

On Saturday February 8 five students from Boston College joined 370 other concerned citizens from across New England for a march in Salem MA. The march was in protest against a natural gas plant that is proposed to replace the Salem coal plant that is currently being decommissioned. There were great speakers, fantastic live music throughout the march, and a warm reception with a live band at a local hotel, the Hawthorne Hotel.

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This protest is just the beginning of the fight to stop the construction of a natural gas plant in Salem. It is meant as an improvement because it is replacing an existing (but very old and ready to retire) coal fired power plant. However, if constructed the new plant will lock us into carbon emissions for decades to come (as it would have a several decade life expectancy). Construction may start as soon as this summer, so we will need to fight hard. If successful though, this could be the first power plant in history to not be built with climate change as the predominant reason (past plans for plants have been scrapped because of various forms of air pollution, but not due to CO2 emissions).

Read more about the scientific and financial arguments: Union of Concerned Scientists article, think progress.org article.

See the action in the news! The Salem News, Boston.com

Get involved, join the Legacy Campaign to stop the building of new fossil fuel infrastructure in MA.



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