Why Divest

Cambridge Associates, an advisor to BC for managing their endowment, releases report on divestment.

Read their report from June 2014 about fossil fuel divestment.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.31.33 PM
Performance of energy stocks compared to overall market, showing five-year running average annual compound return (AACR) vs. year. Note in 2012 performance has started lagging. (energy stocks are primarily fossil fuel. Renewables are considered ‘tech’ socks).

Here’s why we’ve taken up the fight:

  • Divestment is a symbolic political tool that conveys our generation’s dissent from the fossil fuel era and calls instead upon our leaders to take swift, bold action to combat climate change.

  • It aims at building social stigmatization of the fossil fuel industry. Through building a bad reputation for fossil fuels, divestment campaigns foster a dialogue around climate justice among our peers.

  • Divestment campaigns help expose the extent of the fossil fuel industry’s influence in our systems and institutions.

  • Divestment is a tactic in the campaign strategy of the larger climate justice movement.

  • The urgency of the climate crisis calls us to act responsibly on many fronts, including in the form of our investments.

  • Divestment is a movement-building, unifying tool that helps build solidarity among activists across campuses and countries.

  • It brings to light a concrete, tangible, practical way to start dealing with a problem as complex and daunting as the climate crisis. (It gives us a place to start.)

  • Divestment activists receive organizing training, build skills in campaign strategy, and gain invaluable movement-building experience. Divestment campaigns are empowering our generation to be effective agents of change by providing us with hands-on experience in cultivating justice locally, nationally, and globally.


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