Bill McKibben, Noam Chomsky, James Hansen, Naomi Oreskes, others use auction to bring Multi-School Fossil Fuel Divestment Fund to $50,000

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Bill McKibben, Noam Chomsky, James Hansen, Naomi Oreskes, others use auction to bring Multi-School Fossil Fuel Divestment Fund to $50,000

New York, NY – The Multi-School Fossil-Free Divestment Fund, a grassroots collaboration connecting donors to campus divestment efforts, hosted an auction that raised just under $18,000 for the 26 participating campuses. The auction coincided with the Paris Climate talks, connecting local divestment efforts to the larger political problem that is the climate crisis. The total value is now over $50,000–all donations steered away from universities with fossil fuel investments. A growing chorus of students, alumni, and parents are calling on universities to pull their investments from companies whose practices are incompatible with the globally agreed upon 2° C warming threshold. Schools will only receive the donations in the Fund if they heed this call.

A collaboration among a dozen members of the Fund, the auction effectively expanded the reach of fossil fuel divestment. Auctioned items included many items related to universities with divestment campaigns: a personalized barber-shop-style “Happy Birthday” from Stanford’s Fleet Street singers, Italian ice with Harvard historian of science Naomi Oreskes, lunch with climate scientist-turned-activist James Hansen, conversation with world-renowned linguist and activist Noam Chomsky, and a Climate Denialist Tour of MIT.

Many items reflected the future that climate justice organizers are building: a membership to the Wisconsin Bike Fed, Zipcar gift certificate, Red Fire Farm Locavore Deep Winter CSA Farm Share, family membership to the Aldo Leopold Foundation. Still others were simply delightful: a week’s stay at a cottage on the Isle of White, massages, portrait sessions, and artwork galore. There were items with well-known participants, like a ski excursion with co-founder and Right Livelihood winner Bill McKibben. As well as lesser-known, like energy insider Sam Brintons tour of congress.

Fran Ludwig, an organizer with the Fund and BC Alumni for Climate Justice explained: “We aimed to have this auction be inclusive, in terms of location, price, and style of the items. That’s because we wanted to engage people to one powerful part of the climate justice movement–fossil fuel divestment.” Together with other organizers, donors are being contacted and recruited into climate activism. After all, explained CJBC member and BC first year Jorge Mejia, “money doesn’t mean much without people–people organized to fight the fossil fuel juggernaut is our only hope.”

New England Community Rallies for BC Student Rights

On Sunday April 12, BC Admitted Eagle Day, approximately 150 students, faculty, and community members from across New England converged onto the BC campus in protest of the suppression of free speech at Boston College. BC students, some already on disciplinary probation and worried of further repercussions, gathered for lunch together in Ignacio to distance themselves from the protest. The protest was a resounding success, followed that evening by a unanimous approval of the student group Climate Justice @ Boston College by the Undergraduate Student Government at Boston College (UGBC). Below are select photos, videos, and articles about the event.

Newton News coverage of the event as their leading story on April 15, 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 4.43.30 PM

BC Students in Ignacio Hall wave to protestors as they march by through campus.

Five articles in the student newspaper, The Heights, covered the events:

(1) ‘We don’t even go here’,
(2) UGBC Vote Positions CJBC One Step From University Recognition,
(3) LTE: Letter From Climate Justice At Boston College,
(4) LTE: Letter From Former UGBC Vice President Chris Marchese,
(5) LTE: From Climate Justice On A Lunch With John Fish

BC Banner Drop by Students for a Just and Stable Future!

This morning members of the Boston community held a banner drop on BC’s campus, showing the administration that they can’t silence the divestment movement on campus with disciplinary sanctions. Climate Justice @ BC is deeply thankful for all the support.

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Divest Banner Drop at BC

Fight Back @ Boston College – Rally April 12, 12:45pm, BC T-stop

The Boston community will be converging on the BC campus on April 12 in protest of the treatment BC students have received from their administrators, such as disciplinary probation for helping organize a peaceful vigil on campus. Upon denial of a permit, and for fear of further administrative backlash, CJ@BC will not be sponsoring the event – but off-campus community groups will be moving forward with the event.

For more information:

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CJ@BC Permit Denied, Members Fear Expulsion

Please help and spread the word!
Climate Justice at BC is getting attacked. Because of the repression and punishment BC students have faced, students, faculty, and community members outside BC planned a peaceful march and rally on April 12, meeting at 1PM at the BC green line stop. This is during BC’s admitted prospective students day. Special guests include Bill McKibben and Bob Massie. Climate Justice @ BC tried to work with the administration, as they always have, and have again been denied a permit. Worse, it now appears as though they will punish BC students anyways, even though most will not attend, and the students went out of their way to tell the administration about the action. Some CJBC members fear they may be expelled from school.

Here’s the call to action with the sign up link and a history of some of the repression and punishment.
Here’s the Facebook event.
This madness has to end

CJ@BC Withdraws Affiliation with April 12 Rally

Dear allies of Climate Justice at BC,


On April 8th, a CJBC member met with Dean Mogan. The aim was to work with the administration, honestly and respectfully, as we have always tried to do. As you may know, the larger Boston climate justice community, as well as those concerned about the repression and intimidation of student organizers at BC, decided to hold a peaceful march and rally on April 12th, meeting at 1PM at the BC green line stop. We want to be clear, CJBC did not have to tell the administration about the event. We could have kept the event a secret, as we suspect outside groups would have preferred. Instead, we approached the administration and sought a permit.

Unfortunately, the Dean of Students has again denied a permit to protest. This was done on the same grounds as past permit denials: CJBC is not a registered student organization and BC is concerned with liabilities. While we will continue attempts to work with the administration, CJBC has decided to withdraw our participation. Let us be clear, we are no longer affiliated with the event in any way. The action was never ours, but we wanted to be honest and transparent with the administration. As a sign of good faith, we let the administration know about this event which was organized by outside groups, and we are now being punished for that. Our attempts at working with the administration appear to have backfired: it now looks as though some CJBC members–those who continue to try and work with the administration–may face consequences regardless. We hope that is not the case.

We had hoped we would be able to work with the administration. We are saddened that we won’t be able to attend collectively as CJBC. It means the world that the whole Boston climate justice community has been so moved as to come to our aid, and we deeply wish we could participate. However, to our knowledge, faculty, staff, students, and the larger Boston area climate justice community will continue to hold the rally on our campus. It is also highly likely that acclaimed activists Bill McKibben and Bob Massie will be attending and speaking.

We hope those coming to stand in solidarity with climate justice organizers are not treated with hostility. If you choose to attend, you do so at your own risk. In all likelihood, it appears as though BC may lockdown what is typically an open campus. We are aware of the irony in preventing faculty and students, mothers and fathers, ministers and community allies from entering campus, when they are only seeking to demonstrate for the basic rights of students and the urgency of climate justice. Nevertheless, this is the situation.

Love and Solidarity

Climate Justice @ BC

@Fossil_Free  @BClimateJustice

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Rights on the Heights II: The Struggle Continues

Boston College students host their second “Rights on the Heights” rally in protest of aggressive oppression of students from the university administration. This protest follows on the heels of the first rally, which took place three months ago in  December 2014. Developments since the first protest have included new rules from the administration that further limit the ability of students to secure permits for protests along with punishment of student organizers of recent events, barring some students from applying to study-abroad programs.

Rights on the Heights II: The Struggle Continues. Zack Muzdakis gives opening remarks to over 100 students gathered on campus.
Rights on the Heights II: The Struggle Continues. Zack Muzdakis gives opening remarks to over 100 students gathered on campus.

Read more about “Rights on the Heights II: The Struggle Continues” in the front-page BC Gavel article here.

Watch the speakers here or below: