International Solidarity: When the Impacts of Climate Change aren’t in My Backyard

Climate Justice @ BC presents a weeklong series of events focusing on how climate change’s impacts are unevenly distributed around the globe. Many developing countries face some of the worst impacts of climate change even while contributing almost nothing to carbon emissions, and other more developed countries contribute huge and increasing amounts to carbon emissions even while retaining a lower quality of life. There are many examples of this injustice as climate change disproportionately impacts the poor and people of color around the globe. In collaboration with the Chinese Student Association, the South Asian Student Association, and Eradicate Racism, Climate Justice at BC seeks to educate the student body on this environmental injustice as well as to create international solidarity on campus for action on climate change.

Check out our events this week!

Tuesday, Dec 6th at 8pm in Fulton 250: Panel on CHINA AND INDIA: The 2nd WORLD OF CLIMATE CHANGE @ 8pm in Fulton

Thursday Dec 8th at 4:30pm on O’neill Plaza: Stand with Standing Rock: Environmental Racism in the Fossil Fuel Industry

Friday Dec 9th from 10am-3pm in O’neill Plaza, Interactive Art display: How Your Carbon Footprint Contributes to Sea Level Rise




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